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My Mission

“As we let our light shine, we unconsciously give other
people permission to do the same.”

My mission in life is to support the health and happiness of others as they explore, discover, and live their soul’s purpose.

Through all of my offerings, I hope to use my insight and intuition to bring out the natural grace and beauty that I believe exists within all people.

The Story Behind My Purpose

I’m a holistic wellness practitioner here to help you create the beautiful life that you desire! My purpose is to support you and hold you accountable and as you work towards your goals, step by step, drawing from my own life experiences and knowledge along the way.

By Maryam

My Journey

I immigrated to the United States 25 years ago, where I then raised my two daughters and began a beautiful new chapter of my life, one defined by self-discovery and healing. Since then, I have dedicated countless hours to personal and professional study, business ventures, various certifications, licenses, and trainings, giving me a comprehensive, holistic understanding of healing.

My career began in skin care, back in 2008, where I spent years working as an esthetician in all parts of the spa industry. I eventually opened my own spa, hoping to create a nurturing and hospitable environment for those seeking it. I was humbled by the experience and received incredible feedback from the community.

For many years, I continued to work as an esthetician, while also developing my consistent yoga practice. I found comfort in yoga and meditation, and realized how powerful these practices could be for personal healing. The deeper I went into my practice, the more I desired long-lasting, genuine change for myself and my clients, who were often consulting me on all of their wellness concerns. I slowly started to feel that what I provided as an esthetician was not enough, and that if I wanted to create real change, not superficial short-lived results, I would have to offer more.

In this chapter of my life, I gained an appreciation for the powerful connection between all parts of our being, both physical and spiritual, and the need to care for ourselves as a whole. I wasn’t just giving my clients skin care tips, but teaching them how to eat, move, and live to optimize their health and happiness. I was able to see through all facets of my life and work that people were hungry for a deeper sense of well-being. It was this realization that inspired the next several years of my journey. I channelled this passion for self-care and dedicated the following chapters of my life to gaining knowledge and experience that eventually culminated in my own holistic practice.

I soon became certified as a holistic health coach and dedicated countless hours exploring both Ayurvedic teachings and nutrition practices and the powerful healing benefits of food. After that, I travelled to Thailand to further my lifelong practice of yoga and finally pursue my dream of teaching. After weeks of training I became a certified Bikram yoga instructor, then returned home, where I spent my time teaching yogis of all levels, solidifying my love for teaching.

I then took some time off to travel, taking a hiatus from my day-to-day life where I could address my past and heal the pieces of myself that yoga and meditation brought to the surface. My heart led me to India, where I studied under some of the greatest teachers in the field, including Muktamla Mitra Gosh, the granddaughter of Bishnu Gosh. There, I gained knowledge and certification in prescribing yoga as a cure to ailments and diseases of the body. After India, I traveled through Bali and parts of the Middle East. This journey was a huge part of my personal growth. I embraced solitude and reconnected with my roots back home, working on forgiveness and gratitude, as my travels brought back past memories. Practicing yoga and meditating daily, I slowly began to walk myself back to the most profound level of wholeness I ever experienced. I returned home with clarity and purpose, and continued my work in the wellness field.

More recently, as I watched meditation transform my life, I felt a deep desire and need to share this practice with others. I honored this calling by attending Davidji’s Masters of Wisdom & Meditation Teacher Training, where I became a certified meditation teacher and mastered many different types of meditation, energy work, yoga nidra, chanting, dancing, and more.

My qualifications on paper are only a tiny part of who I am. My passion comes from years of adversity and navigating my own journey of self-care. Through meditation, food coaching, yoga, and many other practices, I discovered the ability to experience deep healing from the inside out. This peace and joy that I have experienced is what I want to bring to others through my work. I live my life using the same principles that I share with my clients, and am passionate about sharing new approaches to happiness and health as I continue to grow and learn.

Throughout my career, my efforts to discover my passions in life, and my own personal healing journey, I always come back to a similar conclusion – My passion has always been to serve and bring joy, beauty, and grace to the lives of others.

Certifications and Qulifications

After many years of dynamic personal and professional study, certifications, licenses, and training, I have fostered a wide range of tools and extensive knowledge in various subjects ranging from nutrition to mindfulness, which I continuously draw from as I guide my clients through their individual wellness journeys.  

Maryam Rowshan

My Education

I have studied with the world’s top health and wellness
experts including →

Davidji: Globally recognized Mindbody Health and Wellness Expert, Mindful Performance Trainer, Meditation Teacher & Bestselling Author

Dr. Joe Dispenza, D.C.: International Lecturer, Researcher, Corporate Consultant, Educator, and Bestselling Author

Sonia Choquette: Globally Celebrated and Dynamic Spiritual teacher & Bestselling Author

Brian Weiss, MD: Renowned Psychiatrist, Hypnotherapist, and Bestselling Author

Joshua Rosenthal, MScEd: Founder and Director of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition

David Katz, MD, MPH: Authority on Preventive Medicine and Weight Management, Director of the Yale Prevention Research Center

Walter Willett, MD, DrPH: Chair of the Department of Nutrition at Harvard’s School of Public Health and Bestselling Author

Andrew Weil, MD: Bestselling Author and Expert on Integrative Medicine and Mind-Body Interactions

Gabrielle Bernstein: Motivational Speaker, Life Coach, Bestselling Author

Susan Blum, MD, MPH: Functional Medicine Doctor, Founder of Blum Center for Health

Mark Hyman, MD: Founder and Medical Director of The UltraWellness Center, Bestselling Author

Geneen Roth: Pioneer of Emotional Eating and Empowerment, Bestselling Author

David Wolfe: Recognized Expert and Bestselling Author on Superfoods and Raw Nutrition

Marion Nestle, PhD, MPH: Paulette Goddard Professor of Nutrition, Food Studies and Public Health at New York University


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