Yoga Is A Path
Of Transformation

Transform your life and promote health in
the mind, body, and spirit.

My philosophy

My philosophy and teaching is influenced by several yoga traditions that interweave anatomy, kinesiology, breathing, and meditation. I am professionally trained in Bikram yoga and therapeutic yoga, and believe these practices have powerful healing abilities that I am passionate about bringing to my clients.

Yoga is a path of transformation and absolute freedom that has far-reaching effects beyond the limits of the physical body. Through private or group sessions, I will teach you how to use the practice of yoga to transform your life and promote health in the mind, body, and spirit.

Therapeutic Yoga / Gosh Yoga

Ghosh yoga is a set of values and traditions passed down from Bishnu Charan Ghosh.

This practice shares history and values with other yoga systems, as most yoga traces its roots back to early texts and philosophies.


The goals of Ghosh Yoga begin with health in the body and stillness in the mind. It is defined by its use of stillness during and immediately following postures. This system of tension and release emphasizes relaxation between periods of effort, differentiating it from many modern types of yoga that link pictures together or incorporate salutes between postures.


Ghosh Yoga uses simple therapeutic exercises to mobilize and strengthen every area of the body, from the eyes down to the toes, including the internal organs and systems. In this way, it resembles physical therapy. It uses postures (asanas) to bring grace and control to the body and stillness to the mind. It uses breathing exercises (pranayama) and meditation to reduce stress and anxiety and begin on the path of spirituality.


In India and Japan, Ghosh yoga has always been individual and prescriptive. Each student has different needs and limitations, and the teacher’s job is to prescribe to each student the appropriate exercises, asanas and meditations to heal their ailments and develop their physical, mental and spiritual potential.

Bikram Yoga

Many studios and fitness centers offer yoga in a warm room, but Bikram yoga, also called the original hot yoga style, is unique and much different than what you may see at your local studio. Technically, Bikram is a version of Hatha, a traditional branch of yoga that combines postures and breathing. But it’s not just a style, it’s a specific experience with a cult-like following (Beyoncé included). Every class features the same 26 set poses, takes place in a 105-degree room, and is taught by a certified instructor. The Bikram style of yoga is known to promote deep relaxation and detoxification, and it improves flexibility and strength.

The heat along with the tough postures can provide new challenges, both mental and physical, that most traditional yoga practices do not. However, the practice has benefits without heat as well. Today, students around the world are using zoom and practicing from home with little heat or no heat at all.


Group / Event Yoga

From a young age, I found that being surrounded by loved ones in my community was an incredibly special experience. Having grown up in a big family was such a blessing – one that helped me with my emotional fulfillment throughout every phase of my life. The presence of hospitality is one of many highlights of the rich culture I grew up in. Since I can remember, I’ve placed great value in personal connection. Creating and fostering a loving community is a prominent part of my culture that I continue to carry with me today.

After growing up in Iran, I immigrated to the US in my early 20s and began a big new chapter of my life. In this new, uncertain period, maintaining the tradition of gathering within my own family brought great comfort and happiness. In my new home, I continued to host weekly gatherings for my friends and extended family. Wether it was a picnic, Sunday brunch, BBQs, or anything in between, our get togethers filled our lives with laughter, fun, food, and endless entertainment! Having this type of community not only for myself, but my children, was incredibly fulfilling and it lead me to wish it for others as well.

Since then, I’ve spent almost 30 years working in the service industry and connecting with hundreds of clients at various spas and wellness centers. My professional experience only solidified my desire to help others connect and share the same enriching experience I was lucky to have. I believe we need a new way of connecting. It is so common today to find ourselves lost on social media, binge watching tv, etc. We have more technology than ever before, but we’re more disconnected and lonely than ever as well.

After moving to Southern California a few years ago, I found a beautiful new home at Bikram Yoga Irvine, a supportive community centered around wellness and love. I was lucky enough to find another extended family here, but I still noticed that many lack a safe community of their own. So, I decided to create my “Meet Up” group in August of 2022 in hopes of offering a supportive space for those any who seek community. My mission is simply to bring us together in a healthy, and fun way! Yoga has changed my life in many ways, allowing me to connect with myself as well as others. As a teacher of many years, I see first hand the light and joy that the practice of yoga can bring. My hope is to share this practice with any and all who are open to it.

I invite you to connect with me on meet up and stay in the loop, as I’ll be hosting new events on a regular basis! I am excited to create this space and watch the rest unfold together as we go!

Maryam’s Classes & Services

Original Hot Yoga 60min or 90min

26 postures & 2 breathing exercises.

A single session of Bikram Yoga works every joint, tendon, ligament, and gland in the human body!

Therapeutic Yoga 60 min or 90min

This series will consist of the Original Hot Yoga postures, but with modifications for participants if needed. In this class we will break down the poses and work through modifications without losing the essence of the Original Hot Yoga postures. This class is based around the principles of Ghosh Yoga and uses simple therapeutic exercises to mobilize and strengthen every area of the body, including the internal organs and systems. In this way, it resembles physical therapy.

Note: This class is ideal for seniors, students with injuries, and those recovering from surgery. That said, all students are welcome to this class and every individual can greatly benefit from it.